So many people in the world still look down on marijuana. What a shame. No matter what field you in, be it creative, blue or white collar, there are a lot of genius motha fuckers who smoke herb on the regular. So, does that make you dumber, slower? HELL FUCKIN NO! It opens up your mind to new ideas, some cool song lyrics maybe, a new invention, a simple trick to solving a difficult math problem, or something simple as “Hey, I bet it would taste good if I put some crushed up bacon in that waffle batter.” Call marijuana a drug all you want! Shun it all you want! Be closed minded, think I care? I pity you. We have a safe way to relax, expand, grow our minds, and all from a beautiful, wonderful smellin plant that grows on this earth…Whenever you feel pressured in life and when your goin through hard times and you need a common denominator to mellow everything out, dont forget these words of advice from your good buddy Slow Burn: Break it down, roll it up, light it up, and smoke weed motha fucka! Yea! FIRE! Slow Burn (Mac and Devin Go to High School)

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